Universal Gravitation

We started with book work to set the tone: BKWK center of gravity 2016.docx  &  hewitt VidGuide Center of Gravity.doc

Then we drew pictures of how gravity is depicted in our textbook:  Bookwork gravitation.docx

Next, I showed a brief intro to universal gravitation. 1 Gravity's constant intro.pptx

I wanted them to realize that the universal gravitation constant is similar to "pi=3.14"  and "acceleration due to gravity=9.8 m/s2" being constants.  

With the document camera, I demonstrated and they watched: Warmup for Various constants WS.docx   

                                                                                                         and then they did Various constants WS.docx .  My special ed kids really had difficulty with this.

We learned briefly about satellite launching.  satellites up but not away.pptx

Gravity's affect on orbits:  Warmup to ellipse lab.docx  &  Intro to Ellipse LAB.pptx &Ellipse LAB.docx &Instructions for Ellipse LAB.docx

How did the formula come into being?  2 brief history of timekeeping & shadows.pptx  &  

                                                                       3 earth's circumference & finding -G-.pptx &

                                                                       4 mass of earth.pptx

                                                     We were then ready to do the math! Math of gravity WS.docx

​                                        We also learned briefly about proportionality   Proportions d,m1 & m2.pptx

Time for LABS!   #1   fundamental forces.pptx       Intro to “Battle of 2 forces” LAB.pptx          'Battle of 2 forces' LAB.docx

                                    #2   Intro to Light intensity (mimic gravitation) Lab.pptx       Light intensity(mimic gravitation) Lab.docx 

We did two computer simulation

labs based on PHET:

Gravity and Orbit LAB phet.docx

My Solar System LAB phet.docx