Momentum is a favorite because of the crashes!

We started out slowly with book work, vocab, & a crossword puzzle.

Ch 7 momentum BKWK.docx

Dynamic vocabulary.docx

                  These two go together:

                   Car Safety Evolved For the Better 6 paragraphs for crossword.docx

                   car safety crossword & color.docx

I showed them these 4 pictures to represent  typical "End of Course" test  illustrations for momentum.

pics of momentum.pptx

The Egg Car project was really a blast.  We made the track with two 


‚ÄčMomentum in brief.pptx

math of momentum ws.docx

Egg Car project..docx

Before, After LAB of collisions.docx

Then we got into the thick of momentum!

momen & impulse WARMUP.docx       and        Delta momentum & impulse WS.docx

VidGuide to MechUni Cons.Momentum 29m.docx            Watch at:  15. Conservation of Momentum 

Intro to Before & After WS...momentum.pptx

Bounce (theoretical )collision WS.docx

marble collision activity.docx        I cut from a: