Chapter 9   Human Populations

Book work:

BKWK for 9-1 Env Sci.docx

BKWK for 9-2 Env Sci.docx

I really like the website called Gapminder.  I adapted these from their terrific stuff.


Gapminder World Map 2010 card sort..docx     which also uses:  sixteen country laminated grid.docx   

and since my student forgot their world geography course: countries shown on world-map.docx

I showed this powerpoint about demographics human pop pics from pam.pptx 

                                         and then followed with this worksheet. San Angelo demographics WS.docx.

Then we spent some time in the computer lab doing: Computer Gapminder Activity.docx

Finally, we did a little project:  Each student was assigned two countries (one developed and one developing).  (See page 4)

They ‚Äčthen made a powerpoint contrasting the two countries. Population Dynamics for Developed and Developing Countries.doc