Ch 8    Understanding Populations

Trials of together.doc

shark attacks ws.docx

8-1 and Kaibab Lesson.ppt           and then the worksheet  Kaibab deer data.docx

Pics of Ch 8 populations.pptx

I made this activity to show how there can be a 'tremendous population growth spurt' at certain times of the year, but eventually....carrying capacity is reached.  I start with general info about crawdads.

                                                                     FAQ for crawfish.doc   and  Crawfish Lab introduction.ppt

Eventually the students receive:    Student lab sheet for crawdad lab .doc

                                                 Key to Student lab sheet for crawdad lab.doc

On the lab tables would be:

Data for Crawdads for walls.doc         and if you were really ambitious, you could print out the illustrations of the crawdads caught in the traps bi-monthly and also place them on the lab tables.

1 april 15 crawdad count.doc

2 May 1.doc

3 may 15.doc

4 june 1.doc

5 june 15.doc

6 july 1.doc



And since the kids knew so much about crawdads, I made these two documents

to help teach the scientific method of

solving a problem:

Crawfish possible hypotheses.doc

Matching Variable WS.doc