Ch 3 & 4,   Earth and Life.

Pics of Ch 3 EARTH.pptx

Air and Water Reference.pdf is used for these two worksheets:

                                                                Water of Earth circulation WS.docx  &   Air of Earth circulation WS.docx

Teacher setup for Prey fish Nat Sel Activity.docx   and  Prey fish Natural Selection Activity.docx

I found an activity to support resistance to a pesticide.  Here is the original copy: bed bug activity.pdf

But I adapted the original into these 3 files:

bed bug student sheet.docx            bed bug rr resistant scenario.docx      bed bug cards.docx

Pics of Ch 4 organ life .pptx

And this is the review for the test.   Ch 3,4 questions to preview all week.docx   which follows:  Ch 3,4 .pptx