Ch 14,  Land

Book work:

BKWK 14.1 How we use land (circle graph).docx

BKWK 14.2 Urban land use (slum,city).docx

BKWK 14.3 Land manage & conserve (clear cutting).docx

                                         Then we spent a four days in the library.

Day 1 = Pairs of students were assigned a myth in which they created 3 slides on their own power point for that myth & fact.                   The teacher then put all of the class' slides into one power point.

               Here are their "instructions"  Making 3 powerpoint slides for Brush Control.docx  

                                                                             and here Brush Management for powerpoint.docx is the reference.

Day 2 = Local lesson in topography:

                Topography WS for Lake View.docx    based on:  Topography WS for Lake View REFERENCE.pptx

Day 3 = Local lesson about storm water:

                 Storm water arroyo & flooding WS.docx    based on: Storm water arroyo & flooding.pptx

Day 4 = Local lesson about river buffers:

                  Land for riparian buffers & managing forests.docx   based on: Land for riparian buffers & managing forests.pptx