Ch 10,  Biodiversity

Book work:

PART 1 Intro to diversity BKWK.docx

Diversity PART 2 bkwk.docx

Future Diversity PART 3 bkwk.docx

We learned how MacroInvertebrates could indicate the North Concho River's water pollution in this simulation.

First we learned how people collect benthic invertebrates:  Kick sampling pics.docx  

Second, we learned how to identify the critters that indicate, Good water, Medium water and Bad water.

          Macroinvertebrates and pollution Reference (Pink).doc

Third, we practiced with imaginary samples:

         They followed this powerpoint: MacroInv & Pollution warmup.pptx

         Notes for Macroinv & Pollution WARMUP.docx   

                                                     which was followed by:  Macro Invert WS #1.docx

The next day, we learned how two hypothetical guys gathered critters from 6 different locations along the 

        North Concho River.     Here are the locations:  Macroinvertebrates & pollution MAP of North Concho.doc

Students filled out: Stream-Bottom Macroinvertebrates (Diversity and Pollution) Student Sheet.doc

while using the Macroinvertebrates and pollution Reference (Pink).doc

Below are the pics of the critters at all six locations:  29th Street Dam @Kirby Park.doc & 19th Street, near the Juvenile Justice Center.doc  & 14th Street near City Lumber .doc  & 6th Street dam @Bryant & Loop Junction .doc  &  1st Street, near Santa Fe Golf and CHS tennis.doc  & Bell Street near Rio Concho Manor.doc