Centripetal Force is a topic on which (this year) we spent little time.  

It's fun and useful but I have very little original stuff for this unit.

Iintroduced it: Intro to centr motion 2016.pptx and students followed along with: Warmup for 1st day of centri WS.docx

                                                          Students then proved that they understood with: 1st day of centripetal motion WS.docx

The next day, we did a fun lab: Pennies in cup LAB (centripetal).docx

At some point, I showed: Ch 9 physics ppt.pptx   I probably only showed bits and pieces of it.  It's too long.

On the third day:  Intro to WS 2 for Centripetal.pptx  students looked at handout with 12 stories.docx while I talked about the slides.  

Then I said, we're having a scavenger hunt.  

They received the worksheet, WS 2 for Centripetal Jan 6, 2016.docx 

                             but some of the data on the worksheet can only be found on WS 2 for Centripetal Photos for the lab.pptx 

                                                                                                                        which were printed and scattered around the lab tables.  

So they got the data and then solved the problems.

On the fourth day:  We looked at ropes ratings for ropes.pptx to understand the meaning of centripetal force.  

       And then we did the lab: Centripetal Lab #2.doc